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                            Perpetual Political Motivation


About PPM-To know about the nurturing  potentiality of inside and outside natural resources  , and choose the way and political leaders for fulfill the uphold of existence is Perpetual Political Motivation .

Inside and outside natural resources –

A-Inside natural resources –Various thoughts, consciousness, existence, mind, life, organ systems and anatomy

B- Outside natural resources – Nature and natural laws.

Natural resources stand for –Life and Growth. Life and growth related with social concepts and happiness.

Social concepts stand for –Living standard, profession, humanity, justice, liberty and happy lead of life.

Professional sources are – Governance system, industry, cultivation, trading, service sector etc.

Governance system –Legislative, Judicial and Executive are sources of profession as well as keeping the balance socio-economy among the people for refined human civilization .Political leaders, political party workers and theirs organizations are belongs to legislative machinery.

Legislative machinery- Legislative machinery stands for protect nurture and fulfill the uphold of existence by introducing new system ,process and technology in every field of society .Refined system, process and technology means to  creating profession and establish humanity, justice ,liberty and happy life both individually and collectively.

                           Therefore the political leaders from root level to international level who help to improve leadership for life and growth concerning to every one field are the real political leaders, and choose them for run the government.

                                 Parallely  political  leading people from root level to international level are also being facilitated by perpetual truth of universe for exercise in theirs day to day political activities to fulfill the motto of human civilization.



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